Untangle your Mind

Mental Health Counsellor

Are you feeling an overwhelming sense of sadness, guilt & shame 

ruminating about the past?

My name is John Zavaglia, Registered and Qualified Counsellor.  I help people who are struggling with depression.  


When we feel down, I can offer a path for you to understand these feelings, and not be overwhelmed by them.  I can provide you an enriched perspective and a pathway towards how you can re-identify with your challenges in ways you may not have realised. 

You are stronger than you think.  


This is how Mind Life will 

help you.      

Client Feedback

"I learned so much more about myself & John enlightened me that I did have the ability to overcome adversity....I didn't understand where I was in my life, but with John's guidance, his ability to actively listen, I possessed the courage to start making decisions. Living life is not easy, and John provided me the strategies and the tools to move forward." - Deborah

Going through a complex change in life?

Mind Life specialises in helping people realign themselves in life when they going through a period of upheaval.  Perhaps at a time of loss, separation, excessively in worry, or not able to control your actions and emotions.  Mind LIfe will help you discover your purpose in life.  As it is when our hardship is rallied with a sense of meaning in everything we do, we all of a sudden build resilience.     

The Mind Life YouTube Channel

The Mind Life library of videos talks about our thoughts and experiences we encounter and invites a richer and deeper perspective.  A new video is uploaded each Wednesday!  Support the channel by Subscribing and Press “Like” and leave your comments.  

A Qualified Licenced Practitioner under the guild of the Australian Counselling Association.  

An approved service provider for NALAG, helping people during bereavement and guiding them towards a renewed life and sense of purpose. 


Meeting eligibility criteria as a certified practitioner under the Psychology Today platform of providers.

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All sessions are held through the convenience of Zoom. ("Google Meet")  Contact me to make an arrangement that suits your needs.