You can make payment via any 1 of the 2 methods listed below. Payments must be made prior before any booked session can commence.

Bank Transfer

Transfer the fee amount directly into the bank account listed below.  Also include your name as the reference, and an invoice can also be created on request.  

BSB 082356 – Acc: 853199373

Credit or Debit Card

If you prefer to pay with VISA or Mastercard, I can send you a custom link which leads you to my “Swipe Payments” site.  All payments are secure and an invoice can also be created on request.


It is only through the knowledge of our "self", we realise the awkward rhythm and burden of carrying the weight of our envies, regret, and sorrow. To find oneself is a journey, we will lose ourselves where it is for us to seek ourselves again….It is never-ending.

John Zavaglia, Mind Life.