Mind Life

Hello, my name is John Zavaglia, founder and therapist of Mind Life.

I have spent several years discovering the essence of thought, dually in a professional and an academic setting.  My thirty year’s experience serving business and community has provided me a distinctive insight into psychotherapy.  I have a Masters Degree in Business, which majored in Human Sciences subjects such as Psychology, Philosophy as well Rhetorical Methodology, focusing on how we talk and converse with each other.  It is through my experience that I understand the pressures of our daily lives and how we can develop realistic strategies to work our way through them.  

I am a licensed therapist under the Australian Counselling Association, and also provide services for NALAG (National Association for Loss & Grief) helping people through bereavement and guiding them towards a renewed life and sense of purpose.  

 “I focus on helping people through anxiety, depression, public speaking & social anxiety where my style of therapy identifies where these feelings come from and will work with you to change your relationship with these thoughts. . This is how Mind Life can help you.

Make The Call

All sessions are held through the convenience of Zoom. ("Google Meet") Contact me to make an arrangement that suits your needs.